Audit Bureau of Circulations
Audit Bureau of Circulations

Periodic press

Periodic press circulations are published regularly once a month for the given year. The Published data (unverified data) section states the circulations that were published but have yet to be audited. The Audited data (verified data) section states the circulations that have been audited. Circulation audits are performed twice per year. The audited period is the calender half-year.

In the Czech Republic, circulation audits have been taking place since March 1993, when this service was ensured organizationally and methodically by the Czec Publishers Association. Since January 1st, 1997, ABC ČR has ensured publishing and auditing circulations to the full extent.

  • Circulations for 1993 - 1995 are in the total annual tables.
  • Since 1996, circulation audit data are monitored by individual months, where according to the original methodology, magazine circulaitons were published with a monthly advancement over the dailies, e.g. March (Dailies) - February (Magazines).
  • In 1. 1. 2005, a unification of the published month occured in the tables.
  • From 1993 to 2006 circulation audit data of dailies and magazines are published in format .XLS and .DOC.
  • Since 2007 circulations audit data of dailies and magazines are published in format .HTML and you can use filtr for searching circulations data.
  • The new version of the ABC Czech Republic Methology for auditing circulations of periodic press took effect on 1. 7. 2011. The main change is the including of digital editions to paid circulations of distributed circulations (DE1 and DE2 items). Until 30. 6. 2011, auditing and publication of digital editions were followed by separate methology and data of digital editions were published in separate tables. Now again, you will find information abou digital editions in the tables of periodic press.

Audited data