Audit Bureau of Circulations
Audit Bureau of Circulations

Organizational structure

ABC ČR in an registered association having tripartite sponsorship, formed of - the Czech Publishers Association, the Association of Media Agencies (ASMEA) and the Czech Association of Branded Products (ČSZV). These associations are also the founders and members of ABC ČR. The governing bodies of ABC ČR are the General Assembly, the Chairman, the Bookkeeping Revisory Committee, the Steering Committee and the Methodology Committee.

The supreme authority of ABC ČR is the General Assembly. Members of the General Assembly are representatives of publishers, advertising and communications agencies ann advertisers with the right to vote ration of 3:1:1 (the Czech Publishers Association:ASMEA:ČSZV).

Members of the ABC ČR´s General Assembly

Ing. Václav Mach (the Czech Publishers Association)
Mgr. Lukáš Horák (ČSZV)
Mgr. Ondřej Novák (ASMEA)

The ABC ČR´s bookkeeping is checked by the Bookkeeping Revisory Committee. It submits reports of the checked results to the General Assembly. The Revisory Committee has three members, who are representatives of the three above-stated organizations (founders). 

Members of the Bookkeeping Revisory Committee

PhDr. Jan Pochman (the Czech Publishers Association)
Mgr. Lukáš Horák (ČSZV)
Mgr. Ondřej Novák (ASMEA)

ABC ČR is an independent body, which provides services based on publicly published methodology compiled by the representatives of professional organizations represented in the ABC ČR Methodology Committee. The Methodology Committee is the expert authority. The Methodology Committee carries out expert surveillance, resolves contested cases in auditing, examines and approves eventual proposals for changes in methodology and recommends methodology for approval by the ABC ČR General Assembly. The Methodology Committee consists of at least 5 members. Where 3 members of the Methodology Committee are named by the Czech Publishers Association as representatives of audited media, the other members of the association name one member of the Methodology Committee (= at least of 3 publishers, 1 advertising agency and 1 advertiser).

Members of the Methodology Committee

Libor Berka, CZECH NEWS CENTER, a. s. (the Czech Publishers Association)
Kateřina Jelínková, MAFRA, a. s. (the Czech Publishers Association)
Jiří Mašita, BORGIS a. s. (the Czech Publishers Association)
Simona Jůzová, VLTAVA LABE MEDIA a. s. (the Czech Publishers Association)
Jan Ecker, BURDA Praha, spol. s r. o. (the Czech Publishers Association)
Jan Schönfeld, ECONOMIA a. s. (the Czech Publishers Association)
Mgr. Lukáš Horák, ČSZV (ČSZV)
Mgr. Ondřej Novák, ASMEA (ASMEA)

The executive body of ABC ČR is the Chairman, who is within his/her rights to negotiate in his/her name. The ABC ČR´s Chairman is also the Chairman of the ABC ČR´s Methodology Committee. He/she is responsible for representing the association externally. The Chairman is the representative of the Czech Publishers Association, who is voted and revoked by the General Assembly based on the Czech Publishers Associaton´s proposal.

The Chairman of ABC ČR: Simona Jůzová

The Manager is responsible for the association´s basic daily activities.  

The Manager ABC ČR: Martina Čermáková

Auditor: Jana Nováková

Office Manager: Monika Lenerová