Audit Bureau of Circulations
Audit Bureau of Circulations

Inclusion into the ABC ČR



1. The periodic publications distributed by form of subscriptions or paid by retail sales or other sales auditing system.

  • In this system, the audit follows ABC Czech Republic Methodology for auditing circulations of periodic press (valid since 1. 7. 2011). In the system, the audited titles that have a stated basic cover price of retail sales that is a price that is shown on the title´s cover or masthead.
  • Upon successful completion of the initial audit that will prove that the accounting evidence of the publisher satisfies all criteria of proper verification of individual types of circulation, a contract is signed with the publisher on providing standard, eventually premium services.
  • On the basis of the standard contract, ABC ČR will audit and publish press runs and paid circulations for periodic press, where the paid circulations is the sum of copies from retail sales, subscription, other paid forms of circulations and digital edition sold at minimally 51 % of the basic cover price of the printed copy (DE1). For all copies included into paid circulations there is a condition that the publisher must collect minimally 51 % of the basic cover price of retail sales. For supplements, the circulations of supplements inserted into newspapers and magazines are published and audited instead of paid circulations. ABC ČR also provides premium services among which auditing copies sold for less than minimally 51 % of the basic cover price, eventually distributed free of charge at the publisher´s costs. It concerns cotrolled, other distributions and digital edition sold at minimally 35 to 50,99 % of the basic cover price of the printed copy (DE2).. Other premium services are audited in overall circulations, where the publishing of overall data on individual price differentiated titles is performed, and the audit of total distributed circulations that is the sum of paid and distributed circulations.


2. The advertising and business publications auditing system.

  • Here the publications serving as advertising for companies, products and services, for publicity or other commercial purpose are audited. These publications are available generally free of charge, a membership or other fee that does not equal to the publication´s price. Another condition is that the title must be issued by the same title at least once per year. In this system, the audit follows ABC Czech Republic Methodology for auditing circulation of advertising and business publications.
  • In the past, data were first audited and then they were published and the press run and distributed (eventually paid) circulations were audited. According to new methodology  valid since 1. 1. 2007 the reported data from the publishers are immediately published upon compilation and then later these data are audited once every half-year.
  • The full given half-year is audited. The press run circulation is compulsory audited, then as a premium service it is possible to audit cotrolled distribution or the number of distribution points.