Audit Bureau of Circulations
Audit Bureau of Circulations

Basic information

ABC ČR (Audit Bureau of Circulations Czech Republic) was established as an interest association of corporations, in 2022 it changed its form to a registered association.The association´s mission is to objectify information and data on the media market, especially in the area of periodic press. ABC ČR is a non-profit organization that does not primarily follow economic goals.

The subject of activity principally focuses on:

 ·       gathering circulation reports and compiling them,

 ·       publishing circulation results and providing them to publishers, advertising agencies, advertisers and IF ABC members,

 ·       auditing circulation data,

 ·       methodical and co-ordinating activities in the gathering, publishing and auditing circulation data system.

ABC ČR is an association having tripartite sponsorship, formed of - the Czech Publishers Association, the Association of Media Agencies (ASMEA) and the Czech Association of Branded Products (ČSZV). These associations are also founders and members of ABC ČR. The governing bodies of ABC ČR are the General Assembly, the Chairman, the Bookkeeping Revisory Committee, the Sttering Committee and the Methodology Committee.

In the Czech Republic, auditing circulations of periodic press has been taking place since March 1993, when this service was ensured organizationally and methodically by the Czech Publishers Association. Since January 1st, 1997, ABC ČR has ensured publishing and auditing circulations to the full extent. Since 1999, an individual system of auditing circulations was launched where it is possible to audit advertising and business publications, therefore publications that are available generally free of charge and serve as advertising for companies, products and services, for publicity or other commercial purposes. In the year 2004, ABC ČR also began auditing distribution points. 

ABC ČR is an independent body, which provides all the above mentioned services based on publicly published methodology compiled by the representatives of professional organizations represented in the ABC ČR Methodology Committee.